Fix nothing is the experimental brand that
opens up infinite possibilities.
Don’t let the world limit your journey.
I recognize that I don’t have to fix anything.
Anyway, I fix nothing.


Existence precede essence.
I know very well that I don’t want to do anything
to do something is to create existence-and there’s
quite enough existence as it is.

I am beginning to believe that nothing can ever be proved.
These are honest hypotheses which take the facts into
account: but I sense so definitely that they come form me,
and that they are simply a way of unifying my own knowledge.

I had thought out this sentence, at first it had been a small
part of myself. Now it was inscribed on the paper,
it took sides against me.

I didn’t recognize it any more. I couldn’t conceive it again.
It was there, in front of me; in vain for me to trace some sign of its origin.
Anyone could have written it. But I … I wasn’t sure I wrote it.
The letters glistened no longer, they were dry. That had disappeared too;
nothing was left but their ephemeral spark.

- jean-paul sartre